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Hi, I am Nikka Foroughi, The Teal Hummingbird.

UX/UI and Product Design define my main focus.

2017 - present

One of my strengths in UX/UI Design is reflected through storytelling in the context of promo videos.

2017 - present

Experience in Architectural Design and sketching have further enhanced my UX/UI Design abilities.

2014 - 2017

Growing up in an artistic environment ignited my curiosity for design, first reflected in Branding and Graphic Design.

2007 - present

Thank you!
You brought The Teal Bird to life!

Now that we are friends, I wanna show you my magical world!

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Hi, I am Nikka Foroughi, an award winning UX/UI and Product Designer based in Vancouver, BC, specializing in high-level design principles.

I thrive on the challenge of providing a compelling experience centered around your target audience with a simple and elegant style.

Through comprehensive research, I identify your clients' requirements by employing personas, storyboards, and various analyses, synthesizing this data with your value proposition using design methodologies and my visual storytelling skills.

Over the recent years, I have collaborated with diverse industries, including Emily Carr University of Art + Design, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), and Castofly Technologies, to utilize and refine my design skills.

I have strong experience in drafting information architecture diagrams, data visualization, and designing conceptual wireframes, high-fidelity prototypes, and vision pieces. I am familiar with all stages of the design process from concept to delivery.

During my bachelor studies at Emily Carr University, I applied my academic achievements in design to a hands-on experience in the Co-op program in the development of tools for students to engage with career opportunities. This role taught me about meaningful teamwork and alignment with cross-functional partners/stakeholders.

My experience at VCH further strengthened my creative muscle as prioritizing accessibility was an essential need for the end-user in this project.

By collaborating in an early-stage start-up as a solo designer, I got the chance to employ my design thinking skills in a tech-specialized environment. Interacting directly with various developer peers throughout the design process for the implementation of designs, although challenging initially, was rewarding since I became thoroughly acquainted with their perspectives and workflow. By employing Figma and Webflow proficiently, I produced a highly polished design system and prototypes to organize user testing sessions successfully.

These agile environments helped me to develop the flexibility to work well both independently and collaboratively.

Why Hummingbird?!

I resonate with hummingbirds as a designer because:

We move, work and learn fast

We are explorers

We are always busy, but efficient

We are good listeners

We are aesthetically minded

We are stylish and love to wear our colours

Last but not least, I am tiny just like hummingbirds. However, I create

projects that have huge effects on the design world!

Wanna Fly together?

Wanna Fly together?