Caleido’s idea comes from my personal experience and the complications of immigrating to another country. After landing in Canada and starting a new life, I faced depression for over three months. The unhappiness was due to feeling homesick, missing my friends and relatives, lack of connections, etc. Thus, I decided to design a platform for immigrants to experience fewer challenges and hardships when moving to a new country.


The lack of connection with people who can help immigrants with the process or answer their questions is problematic and stressful for most of them.

To further decrease the stress from moving to a new country, I made the app more fun and engaging by adding gamification to the platform. I designed levels for the users through the evolving process of a new immigrant becoming an experienced one using animated graphics.

Inspired by the game, The Sims, I added a gamified feature to the chat section where users can monitor their friendship with their connections.

Promo Video